Corys Piping Systems and BSI marks 25 years of relationship

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Corys Piping Systems and BSI marks 25 years of relationship - Corys piping

Hepworth Drainage systems, a brand represented by Corys Piping Systems has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to quality, reliability, and trust. The testimony to that is our products independently certified by 3rd party, globally recognized, British Standards Institution (BSI).  Currently Corys Piping Systems has a total of 18 BSI Kitemark™ certifications across 1000+ products.

Our advanced production capability and commitment to quality, differentiate us from our competition. Backed by the internationally recognised Kitemark™ certification, our customers get the needed assurance on product quality and reliability. Corys Piping Systems products are lab-tested in a rigorous, robust process to ensure that products meet the high safety and quality expectations that our customers have.

To strengthen this relationship further, the leadership team of BSI visited Corys Piping Systems’ head office at Dubai Investment Park (DIP). The event was marked by handing over of new Kitemark certificates and an award plaque solidifying our relationship of 25 years. The visiting team also had the opportunity to tour our manufacturing facility at DIP and to evaluate our facilities and quality control first-hand.

“Corys Piping Systems provides market-leading systems and solutions, with products manufactured to relevant international standards, independently verified, and audited though the BSI and Kitemark scheme. This provides our customers with complete assurance of achieving, (and often exceeding), strict manufacturing codes relating to quality, safety and durability.

Ultimately this also translates into ‘value’ and ‘trust’, key elements of any decision-making process relating to product selection by our clients and proven through continuity of supply across more than four decades in the region”, said Robin Appleby, CEO of Corys Piping Systems.

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