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There’s a lot more to Sunday than just his day job as a Site Technician at Corys Piping Systems. A valued member of the Corys community, Sunday is an avid football fan, playing with his colleagues and friends whenever he has the chance. At our recent internal tournament, Sunday got to show off his skills in a series of matches that united the entire Corys community.  

The purpose of these tournaments is not just to give Sunday or others an outlet for their talent, it’s to also help encourage everyone to get to know one another. Our business is spread out across multiple departments and is growing at a huge rate, which can often mean our teams work in their own silos. By hosting team building activities such as these, these barriers are broken down and everyone – from senior management to our junior employees – can take part and thrive.  

It’s also a great opportunity for everyone to try something new! In Sunday’s case, his skills with a football helped to inspire others in his team to victory. Everyone, even his line manager, followed his lead! Perhaps that’s why Sunday earned the coveted title of MVP at the end of the game too. 

We believe that getting away from the day-to-day hustle can be incredibly rewarding, which is why we organize inter-departmental events every few months. Creating a positive work culture isn’t something that can be taken for granted. We champion progress outside of the traditional working environment, bringing people together in new ways and providing an outlet to share ideas and gain a mutual respect for one another’s interests and hobbies.  

As for Sunday, he is already planning tactics for the next football tournament…  

Watch this space!  

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