SirajPower builds first of its kind Solar Canopy

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Corys Piping Systems at WETEX Exhibition 2022

WETEX is one of the largest sustainability, clean energy technology exhibitions in the MEA region. This year, a total of 1,750 companies participated at this event from 55 countries. These companies represented energy, water, environment, oil, gas, sustainable technology, and related sectors.

Hepworth launches DACTA range

With DACTA Drainage (u-PVC) and DACTA Therm (PPR) piping systems the company aims to reach closer to its customers, responding

The project will add another 5% of solar power to the current utilization bringing it to a total of 25% of overall electricity produced from installed solar panels at Hepworth.

The 400 kWp solar canopy is a visual reminder of Hepworth’s commitment to a sustainable future and is expected to generate 700 MWh of clean energy. This overarching solar canopy is the third solar initiative installed by SirajPower at Hepworth, in addition to the rooftop and carpark solar systems, which have been operational for 4 years. The solar canopy serves the dual purpose of shading outdoor stored materials from direct sunlight while making use of the area to generate clean energy.

This innovative solution is possible today due to the decline in the cost of solar energy, where SirajPower continues to innovate by customizing solar solutions that integrate into available spaces for new and existing clients, to provide additional sustainable savings.

Hepworth manufactures and distributes a wide range of innovative and sustainable piping systems for diverse applications, such as buildings, utilities, infrastructures , industrial , irrigation, and agriculture.

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