Corys Root Barriers


Corys Geosynthetics offers inexpensive polymeric sheets ranging from 1mm to 3mm thick for Root Barrier applications.
Corys Root Barrier sheets are double side smooth high-density membrane produced from specially formulated from polyethylene resins which contains 97.5% virgin polyethylene and 2.5% of carbon black with stabilizations package enriched with anti-oxidants to provide good mechanical properties, stress crack resistance, dimensional stability, thermal aging and chemical resistant characteristics.
Corys Root Barrier sheets are manufactured according to international standards under constant quantity control procedures.

Properties & applications


Polymer materials, polyethylene resins


Polymeric sheets ranging from 1mm to 3mm thick


Corys Root Barrier sheets are installed under the ground to block roots and prevent roots reaching the foundation, drains, pipes, walking path etc. The purpose of installing the Root Barrier sheet is to maintain soil moisture and redirect the roots downwards.
Corys Root Barrier are designed to potentially stop the growth of roots that causes weakness, elevation, lowering or breakage in structure and landscape


  • Maintain soil moisture
  • Redirect the roots downwards